Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Mitochondrial Madness

Our often-neglected bacterial endosymbionts the mitochondria seem to have their fingers in all aspects of eukaryotic cell functioning. Not only do they make us ATP and tell our cells when to die, they even have their own genome, which they can replicate, transcribe and translate all on their own. But mitochondria don't just use proteins encoded in their own genomes; they've also got some out on loan from the nucleus. And this is where the madness begins. Somehow this excellent Molecular Cell review on mitochondrial transcription found its way onto my lab bench, so I read it. Here are a few of the mind-blowing facts you can discover therein:

Also, check out this wicked album of artistic renditions of cells by Gary Carlson which I ganked the above photo from. Nice job Gary!